My New Patreon Page for my Cosplay!

💕Hello everyone, I’m excited to announce that I was able to make a Patreon. Many people have been asking me to start one…all the passion I have designing costumes truly fuels me & is my undying passion.

I will utilize this as a place for me to connect with you guys, and show you how I put together cosplays, photo shoots, & prepare for events. I usually just blog with images, now I can talk with you guys & show you just how much time & effort it takes. A page where I can show you the spunky, hyper, rebel princess that I am!

I’m excited to share with you guys along this special journey of mine..thank you for all the support you have given me.







⚔️”A warrior isn’t immune to fear, she fights in spite of it..” ✨

Here’s some shots of my World of Warcraft Snow White armor I wore to @stanleecomiccon. I made it out of Sintra board, Eva foam, 8mm foam, & airbrush paint. Inspired by the character #Sylvanas & hunters in the game 🌟🍎 

Mageek Fanzine: Amber Arden Interview! (English Version) 


1. Hello Amber. Could you introduce yourself? Hello everyone! My name is Amber Arden and I’m a Fashion Stylist, Vintage Vixen, Costume maker, Cosplay Chick, and sometimes a Star Wars Badass Princess! But in all, I’m just a girl who loves to make costumes and recreate the characters I love by making them come to life.

2. Why did you start cosplaying ? What was your first cosplay? Well, I met a very good friend of mine named Misa Kelly who talked about conventions and dressing up as her favorite disney princess Jasmine! Plus, for years people would tell me I talk and act like Snow White and one day I was invited by a close friend to Anime Expo 2013 and I fell in love with all the cosplay costumes that were in the lobby. Days past and then Eric Yaras and I ( decided to go without any tickets to Comic Con 2013. We booked a last minute hotel (which is impossible) and decided to dress up as a 1800’s Lolita girl similar to the movie “Gone with the Wind,” Just walking in front of the convention I had the time of my life! But to my surprise, a worker from the Comic Con center saw my costume from afar and asked me if we had a badge and I said “No we don’t”. And he said “You came all this way, to just to walk around the front?” I said “yes… but this is amazing.” And then surprisingly he invited us in with two passes free of charge! (Which again is Impossible) I was in total shock all because of my elaborate costume I was wearing I was able to be noticed and appreciated! Then shortly after that, I quickly decided to cosplay as a Disney Princess…Snow White. Then wearing it to con after con and people loved it. Another thing that I found with this new found art, is the amazing people you meet. I have met so many wonderful people through cosplay, some but not all is Joanna Bert (  who’s dedication to her princess cosplays and princess party company truly inspired me. As well as Singer Traci Hines ( widely known for her Ariel Cosplay…saw something in me and gave me the courage to show it. Plus, made me one of her Mersisters for her cute hip Clothing Line! Then finally, at Anime Expo 2014, I decided to put together my first ever real serious cosplay, which was a Star Wars/Disney Princess Mashup! Snowba Fett!

3. How did you find the idea of a Snowbafett cosplay? Eric and I walked by the Mandalorian Mercs booth ( several times previously at Anime Expo and a Wondercon and fell in love with their Mandalorian Armor and I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to mix Snow White and Boba Fett? We both agreed! So, I put in all my time and effort into this costume from nothing. An idea into reality.
4. Is this cosplay sending a message? Like «I am a new Snow White, I don’t need a prince to save me anymore. I can kick the queen’s ass.» Yes. This cosplay shows a strong young woman figure. A princess who was hunted, who seemed so innocent and helpless, is now the bounty hunter. A princess that is also a badass. But still able to carry that grace and can overcome any obstacle. I also wanted to make this cosplay innocent and conservative but strong! Proving that sexy doesn’t have to be revealing! Something about the elegance and armor really intrigued me to mashup the two. Because Star Wars and Disney princesses go together nicely in my head!! I’m also working on a Sith Snow White! Which the tables are turned with the dark side (evil queen-esk) but still with elegance. I also gone through severe childhood physical abuse (sexual & mental) for years that prevented me from being happy in life and to really find myself. But with my fiancé Eric’s support I was able to have the courage to keep at this…and then I saw a whole new person in me! I overcame the sadness and frustration of the past and channeled it into creativity, expression, and happiness! I love making people smile. I love what I do. Without a purpose in life you feel empty. You feel lost, but the love and support of my friends and followers I keep doing what I love no matter how hard it gets. I keep doing cosplay, as a hobby, in addition to my day job which is difficult but one day I hope to create my art every waking moment.

5. Are you a big fan of Star Wars and Disney movies? If yes (I assume it is!) how did it all started?) Yes. I’m such a Star Wars geek. I love all the episodes. Eric and I watch all the movies every day while we go to bed. I love episode 4, 5, and 6! Cannot wait for episode 7. Yes, I adore disney. It makes me so happy! I love to surround myself with happiness and with my most beloved character Snow White. She’s now the only princess I cosplay, because I relate to her so so much. Like I said, she is innocence and kindness. I live on kindness and happiness in every possible way.

6. What materials did you use for this cosplay?

I used various fabrics, molded plastics onto a mannequin with a heat gun, layers and layers of paint, spray paint, metallic pens, glitter, bondo, corded trims, ribbon, and more paint.
7. Do you cosplay other fandoms? Yes! I also love old school movie and television characters! I still cosplay Disney characters like Tinkerbell and Alice! But I love Lily Munster from the Munsters (old 1966 tv show), and many vintage inspired Snow White variations & mashups! Because I adore pinup the 1940’s & 1950’s style. I’m also planning to do a Marvel character too.

8. Is cosplay well-known in the USA? Do you feel like there is a different approach to cosplay among american cosplayers? (compared to Asian or European cosplayers. More superheroes maybe ?) Yes, Cosplay is starting to become very popular in the US! Because of all the new and recurring conventions that come back every year! Like Comikaze, Anime Expo, wondercon, and comic con.

To my knowledge, there seems to be more variety of cosplays out here in America. Out here you would see more mashups, gender bent (male female characters visa versa) and personal interpretations of characters. While like in places like Japan for instance you would see more people cosplaying Anime characters focusing on being spot on with the character…but also all over the world they have all sorts of cosplays! And is changing everyday!
9. Let’s talk about your other projects, instagram, facebook and your youtube channel…I’m quite avid on Instagram! Where I post everything!!! But I also post more photos of my projects up on my Facebook

I’m working on uploading cosplay photo shoot Vlogs on my Youtube as well! Where I’ll talk about my costumes and also upload comedy videos and tutorials of my life! And what I live for doing!!

Also *fingers crossed* an original Snow White “Whistle While You Work” Music Video!